May 14, 2020

GiBLI Graduates Creative Destruction Lab – CDL Atlantic

It is with enthusiasm that GiBLI is proud to officially announce that GiBLI has graduated from the 2020 CDL Atlantic cohort.

The last 8-months have been an incredibly humbling experience to be surrounded by so many amazing entrepreneurs and to be among the graduating cohort is an exhilarating outcome for GiBLI.

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) focuses on taking very strong scientific and technical founders and matching them with business advice and mentorship. “GiBLI has a very exciting aerodynamic sensor that can replicate a personal wind tunnel and they made tremendous success with their mentors and investors throughout CDL-Atlantic” said, CDL-Atlantic Site Lead, Jeff Larsen.

As an early stage company CDL has helped GiBLI accelerate our go to market strategy and provided us with invaluable business advice.

CDL has created a world class platform for early stage companies where GiBLI was provided the opportunity to present to CDL Fellows and Associates, as well as be mentored and challenged by them to #BuildSomethingMassive.

GiBLI is going through an exciting growth stage. “Our focus is to build the world’s leading real-time aerodynamic sensor. We are focused on ensuring that our data is the most accurate on the market and we are looking forward to delivering on this” said, GiBLI’s Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Ernsting.

Thank you to: Toon Nagtegaal for his guidance throughout this journey; Sarah Pyke, GiBLI’s Venture Manager, for keeping them on track; and to our mentors Trevor Hennigar, Dale Robertson, Robert Orr, Eva Lau and Jim Spatz who have given GiBLI incredible business advice over the past 8-months.

Currently GiBLI is inviting 50 people to their innovators GiBLI Lighthouse Club (GLC) and will be launching official pre-sales later this summer. If anyone is interested in being part of the GiBLI Lighthouse Club please contact the cofounders, or if anyone would like to have first access to their upcoming pre-sales, please sign up to receive GiBLI news.

Mark Ernsting