You Don’t Get Ahead By Staying Behind The Competition

Achieve Your Dream

If your goal is to do your best in an upcoming event, or to attend an age group world championship, you need a G10 sensor.

Understanding your CdA is the only way to become faster without having to become stronger.

Award Winning

We have won two prominent industry awards, EUROBIKE Start-Up 2021 and the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2024!

You can have confidence in your GIBLI G10 sensor to be the world's leader in real-time aerodynamics.


Our app allows you to see your CdA in real-time and provides powerful insight into your post ride analyses. All technical data points from your ride can be quickly viewed on your mobile device, or for more in depth reporting from your desktop.

Ride history, ride comparisons, bike garage, rider profile, sensor levelling, everything you will need in one app.

Test Comparison

New to learning what CdA savings you have made? Not a problem, our intuitive app allows you to compare test rides and allows you to calculate the time you will save over a given distance, as well as the power required for a given speed.



Our proprietary wind port "pitot tube" is the outcome of many hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design work and what we learned through Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) testing.

Our unique design allows us to be able to measure accurate wind speed.

Photo: University of Alberta Wind Tunnel


We have done rigorous testing in several wind tunnels to ensure that our algorithms are calibrated accurately.

All our testing includes +/-30* sweeps and various wind speeds.

Photo: Silverstone Wind Tunnel

Sara Bergen | Canadian National Crit Champion

Your G10 Sensor

The G10 sensor pairs with your ANT+ power meter, heart rate, cadence and speed sensor devises. The GiBLI app provides real-time ride data including CdA and our cloud provides valuable post ride analysis.

This product requires a direct force power meter to operate!