September 1, 2021

GiBLI is excited to announce that they have been selected as a winner of the prestigious annual EUROBIKE Start-Up Award 2021.

GiBLI is honoured to be among the winning companies to receive the EUROBIKE Start-Up Award 2021. As a global leader in real-time aerodynamics, GiBLI brings accurate, repeatable and reliable, real-time CdA for those who want to go faster.

EUROBIKE is the world’s leading cycling trade show where international bike brands annually showcase their newest products along with future innovative ideas. The EUROBIKE Award honours innovative products and designs and is a highlighted feature of the show.

Through GiBLI’s state-of-the-art technology and proprietary design features, any cyclist or triathlete, can now have access to accurate CdA (drag coefficient) data. “The innovative concept of analyzing and improving a rider’s own aerodynamic position while on the move will appeal to ambitious athletes”, stated EUROBIKE. Knowing ones CdA is vital information, as it’s the only way without having to train more, or harder, to become faster.

“On behalf of all of us at GiBLI, we would like to congratulate all of this year’s EUROBIKE Award Winners and are thrilled to be included as part of the 2021 Award Winners. It was one of our goals from the moment we officially founded GiBLI to be able to showcase our G10 sensor at EUROBIKE in such capacity, said GiBLI’s CEO, Mark Ernsting.

GiBLI is currently working with key people around the world who are part of their GiBLI Lighthouse Club (GLC). This group has been giving strategic input into their experience with the sensor. GiBLI is also currently in talks with several federations, prominent teams and professional athletes that will not only allow GiBLI to help these groups become faster, but also use these elite groups to continue to improve the user experience.


EUROBIKE is the undisputed leading global trade show for the bike business. Here the bicycle industry networks itself, convinces its trade partners and presents itself to the media world. In addition, new trends are emerging and groundbreaking innovations celebrate their premiere. EUROBIKE is constantly generating added value for the industry, the trade and manages the balancing act between trade fair and think tank.

About GiBLI

GiBLI is a global leader in real-time aerodynamics. Our sensor helps cyclists and triathletes unlock their ultimate performance potential by being able to reduce their drag coefficient through the use of our novel technology.

Mark Ernsting