November 3, 2021

Tom Fowler Joins Advisory Board at GiBLI Tech

GiBLI is pleased to announce that Tom Fowler has joined the company’s advisory board with a focus on strategy and global marketing activation. He brings an extensive background in the cycling and sports tech industries that will provide significant value to the rollout of GiBLI’s G10 real-time aerodynamic sensor technology.

“We are thrilled to have Tom join our advisory board. He brings invaluable industry insight and is someone with a proven track record showcasing the value of new sports tech wearables and the benefit of understanding aerodynamics in the sport of cycling” says, Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Ernsting.

Fowler was instrumental in Cervelo Cycles’ early global marketing initiatives, demonstrating the importance of aerodynamic bicycle frames that to this day define the leading edge of the industry. Following his time with Cervelo, he took on a leadership position at RECON, a Vancouver, BC. Canada based tech start-up that was a pioneer of smart eyewear. RECON was acquired by Intel in 2015 and Fowler continued with Intel as their Director of Marketing and Sales, Head-Worn Devices, before joining Polar as President of Polar USA. There, he led the turnaround of the iconic sports tech brand, leading all segments of the business including sports technology, consumer fitness, corporate wellness, education and team sports. Fowler also is a strategic advisor for several other sport tech companies that include, FORM, STRYD, and PUSH (recently sold to Whoop). He is also a Managing Director of Charles Towne Holdings, an investment and advisory firm.

“It has been a privilege to informally advise GiBLI’s founders for the past year. That the company is now ready to take the next step towards commercialization is very exciting,” said Fowler. “I learned long ago that the strongest rider does not necessarily win the race. Efficient application of power is the key and that means optimizing aerodynamics. GiBLI’s G10 sensor unlocks that potential for every rider, not just those with the dollars and time to rent a wind tunnel.”

A former professional triathlete, Fowler continues to live an active lifestyle. This personal experience, coupled with his intimate understanding of the wearable tech industry and his global marketing pedigree, makes Fowler a perfect fit with GiBLI’s continued growth as leaders in the new emerging market of real-time aerodynamics.


Mark Ernsting