August 24, 2021

GiBLI Collaborates With BikeValley

GiBLI will be working closely with BikeValley to ensure that the GIBLI G10 sensor continues to deliver world class real-time aerodynamic data and that BikeValley can provide real-world aerodynamic testing to its clients.

BikeValley is located in Beringen, Belgium and their low-speed wind tunnel is designed specifically for the cycling industry. Their facility is known to work with Cycling/Triathlon Federations, World Tour Teams and Professional Triathletes.

Working with BikeValley will give GiBLI the ability to cross reference their wind tunnel results with real-world data. GiBLI is dedicated to do ongoing rigorous tests to ensure that they continue to be industry leaders in the space of real-time aerodynamics.


GiBLI has been testing their G10 sensor independently, as well as with various athletes in the wind tunnel. Isolating the G10 sensor allows GiBLI to continue to refine their calibrations and further development of their proprietary designs while testing athletes gives accurate data to cross reference between wind tunnel and real-world conditions.

The BikeValley facility offers clients the opportunity to test in their wind tunnel and also provides expertise through their Health & Performance division. The G10 sensor will now allow BikeValley to provide their clients the opportunity to test outside of the wind tunnel, something that until now has not been available with such accuracy.


BikeValley is a well-known value in the world of cycling performance. Apart from a state-of-the-art wind tunnel, we also have the knowledge to find the ideal balance between a comfortable, powerful and aerodynamic position on the bike. We also have a climate chamber where athletes can adapt to extreme temperatures, humidity and altitude.


Cover Photo by Kenneth Coomans

Mark Ernsting