March 16, 2021

GiBLI is excited to announce the launch of their G10 real-time aerodynamic sensor.


Until now, cyclists and triathletes have had to use a wind tunnel to confirm their aerodynamics (CdA). Through cutting edge technology and proprietary design features, GiBLI has developed a world class real-time aerodynamic sensor that allows anyone to now know their CdA.

The G10 sensor will allow not only professional athletes, but also age group athletes to find more speed without having to train harder, or longer. This is the first time that athletes can shave seconds and even minutes off of their cycling efforts. For example, a 12% savings can save over 2min in a 40km time trial, or over 10min in a 180km long course triathlon leg.

Over 80% of a cyclists drag can be from their body. Everyone’s position needs to be customized to meet their goals and objectives. A rider’s position for an Individual Pursuit will be different than someone doing a long course triathlon. In every race scenario and for everyone’s personal situations their position can be adapted without compromising their personal restrictions to help them become faster.

The unique thing about aerodynamics is that it’s impossible to know if what one is doing is reducing or even adding drag without being able to scientifically validate it. GiBLI has solved this solution through their G10 real-time aerodynamic sensor that can now be accessible by everyone, not just professional athlete who have access to a wind tunnel.

The GiBLI G10 sensor has a proprietary pitot tube design and algorithm, measures wind direction, has a built in high accuracy gps, it has been designed through extensive CFD and PIV testing and has been validated in a wind tunnel.

Mark Ernsting