November 23, 2022

GiBLI G10, Your Own Personal Wind Tunnel.

Wind tunnels aren’t cheap and require knowledge to maximize your experience, so they are usually reserved for the pros. But, if you were to go to a wind tunnel, imagine after going you make a change, now you technically would need to go back to validate it. That means it’s not an entirely realistic process. The good news is sports technology is rapidly evolving and a new company based out of Canada is aiming to provide a high tech solution that offers cyclists and triathletes a solution to know your aerodynamic data.

The GiBLI G10

GiBLI aero testing. Enter, the GiBLI G10 aero testing device. The G10 sensor is a new aerodynamic sensor, currently on limited release and scheduled to officially be available in 2024.

Awarded the 2021 EUROBIKE Start-Up Winner Award, GiBLI aims to bring more mass-market appeal with their iteration of an aerodynamic sensor, targeting the evolving aero-testing market in the cycling and triathlon space. We met with Mark Ernsting, co-founder of GiBLI to talk about the G10 sensor.

Mark Ernsting