GiBLI had the opportunity to test in the famous Catesby Tunnel, at the Catesby Innovation Centre, in Northamptonshire, UK.

The Catesby Tunnel houses a 2.7km long, purpose built indoor straight road test track. The tunnel contains a sealed working section to ensure that the environmental conditions are consistent, allowing assured repeatable testing. GiBLI chose to use this facility to continue to add to their already extensive laboratory testing to ensure that one additional step was taken from wind tunnel to real-world outdoor testing.

The Catesby Tunnel allowed GiBLI to test in a real-world environment without have to worry about any cross winds. "We have done extensive outdoor testing for several years now along with wind tunnel wind speed validations, but this allowed us to remove the cross wind variability to ensure that our date sets between wind tunnel tests, Catesby Tunnel and outdoor testing stays consistent.

GiBLI learned a lot from this experience and was able to provide environmental data to the facility to validate their collection stations that are positioned along the track. GiBLI will continue to use such facilities that will allow us to always further improve our algorithms.

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