GiBLI is a winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2024!

GiBLI showcases its novel innovation, standing out among all the global entries, earning recognition from the international panel of judges and become one of the final 47 award winners!

GiBLI set out to produce the world’s most sophisticated real-time aerodynamic sensor. It has taken several years to achieve this due to the engineering complexity that is required to be able to produce reliable and repeatable data in an open road environment. But, the hard work has paid off as GiBLI is now in a good position to offer this technology to the masses.

“Having the TAIPEI CYCLE show acknowledge us as one of their annual industry award recipients is a testament to the hard work that our engineers, data scientists and developers have devoted to achieve our goal”, exclaimed Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Ernsting.

GiBLI designed a system that is user friendly, easy to install on multiple bikes and provides valuable real-time and post ride analytics to the user.

“It is evident from seeing the G10 sensors unique design features that GiBLI has a strong understanding of the aerodynamic principles that are required for a cycling application”, said, TAIPEI CYCLE, Award Pannel Member.

Understanding one’s aerodynamics is the final missing piece to the overall puzzle to be able to go faster without having to become stronger. This technology is not only vital to utilize while testing during training, but also while competing in an event. It is not unreasonable for an average participant to be able to find 10-15min of savings during the bike segment of a long course triathlon; this could be the difference of achieving a qualifying spot to an age group World Championships or not.

GiBLI is the recipient of two major industry awards, the EUROBIKE Start-Up Award 2021 and now the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2024.

GiBLI would like to congratulate all the award recipients of this year’s TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2024.


About TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards

The award is co-organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Bicycle Association. Since 2012, the competition has been expertly organized by if DESIGN ASIA Ltd. (Taiwan), subsidiary of iF International Forum Design GmbH in Germany. The award has become an important accolade for the global bicycle industry. Since its inception it recognizes outstanding innovative products in the bicycle industry, leading and reflecting industry trends. Winning products are exhibited yearly at TAIPEI CYCLE.

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About GiBLI

GiBLI is a global leader in real-time aerodynamics. Our sensor technology helps cyclists and triathletes unlock their ultimate performance potential by being able to reduce their drag coefficient through the use of our novel technology.

Mark Ernsting